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Hyldr band 2022

HYLDR is a Gothic Doom Metal band from Belgium formed in 2021 whose music focuses on an emotional approach to morbid themes.

The name HYLDR is a reference to a valkyrie that one character wishes she could become in a book written by singer Lady IX. That book is used as a template for song concepts and is about a japanese woman who ends up in the middle of a viking turmoil. In that story there are elements of the supernatural combined with doses of Greek tragedy.

HYLDR decided to enter Wavelight Factory during summer 2022 to record, mix and master its first album 'Order of the Mist' : 8 tracks sometimes haunting and hypnotic, sometimes epic and melodic.

HYLDR is ready for the next steps. The band has already composed the sequel to “Order of the mist“ and is looking for a label to help to spread its Gothic Doom Metal.